About M&L Authentic Jamaican Jewelry

M & L Authentic Jamaican Jewelers is very pleased to offer you handcrafted Jamaican Jewelry made in the Caribbean! Our Jamaican Sets have NOT been mass produced but produced for quality and NOT quantity by the indigenous people of Jamaica!

All of our products come to your directly from the city of Ocho Rios located in Jamaica and exported into the United States. This makes the gift so much more special than simply shopping at a local retail store for something common.

Get your special Jamaican Necklace, Jamaican Ring, Jamaican Bracelet, Jamaican earrings right from Jamaica to your front door without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home and traveling to Jamaican Jewelers overseas to find what you are looking for! We do the entire job for you and still offer you a great rate for our handcrafted Jamaican Jewelry!

M & L Authentic Jamaican Jewelry is now pleased to offer Trunk Parties! What is a Trunk Party? This is a way for you to participate in our business and not only help us grow the M & L brand, but be rewarded for it!

You simply contact us via our Authentic Jamaican Jewelry Contact Us page form and let us know your interest. We will ship you out multiple pieces of Jamaican Jewelry including but not limited to Jamaican Necklaces, Jamaican Bracelets, Jamaican Earrings, Jamaican Rings and more for your party display.

*If you sell your goal amount you will receive a piece of your own Authentic Jamaican Jewelry of your choice! This is a fun way to throw a party and be rewarded with a unique and handmade Jamaican Jewelry Costume piece! Web Design by I Need A Website Design & Tampa Website Design


This Month's Featured Products

Plain Jane Butterfly Set
Retail Value: $ 55.00
M&L Price: $ 40.00
Jamaican Tail Feather Set
Retail Value: $ 65.00
M&L Price: $ 59.50
Crystal Cocktail Set
Retail Value: $ 95.00
M&L Price: $ 82.50